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A Place Prepared

I go --- to prepare --- a place (John chapter 14)

Jesus was declaring intent...

He was prophesying and declaring at least two things at once...

(lets go back to Jesus early ministry)

Jesus turned and saw them following, and *said.., "What do you seek?" They said.., " ...Teacher, where are You staying?" He *said.., "Come, and you will see." So they came and saw where He was staying; and they stayed with Him that day, for it was about the tenth hour. (Joh 1:35-39 NASB)

Early on, right from the beginning, this was one of the most important questions, "Jesus, where are You staying?" Throughout His time of serving, Jesus kept the three closest (perhaps John closer than any). He kept the twelve closer than other disciples and He kept the 72 closer than the crowds. God was present in a Jewish human body and He kept them close. Where He was, He wanted them to be, also.

As it came time to transform and transfer out, He made preparation to CONTINUE to be with them! This, therefore, is the heart of John 14! Although it includes a peek into heaven, it is not primarily the distant view that He has in mind here.

What Jesus is giving them, is the COMFORT of knowing that when He leaves, He has prepared for someone JUST LIKE HIMSELF, to STAY with them.

THE PLACE that He is preparing is the place of spirit/Spirit!

The thing that we forget is that, at that time, no-one but Jesus had a spirit of their own yet!

Jesus taught Nicodemus about being born of spirit, but nobody had yet been born of spirit! NOBODY but Jesus!

Jesus was preparing the ultimate staying place on earth!

He needed them together and He needed them in perfect agreement about why they were together. When those prerequisites were met, Jesus introduced them to Holy Spirit and introduced Holy Spirit to them!



I go to prepare a place for you, that where I am you may be also!

Not far off distant, when you die...but a place IN YOU while you still live on earth!

Holy Spirit WILL stay in you...won't you please come and STAY in Him!

I'm preparing a staying place!

Papa's House has many Staying Places!

Together you all, are that House!

Individually, you are, each of you, a Staying Place for Holy Spirit, complete the circuit by making Him, your Staying Place!


Ham dinner on easter is not true fulfillment of Passover...

The concept of being filled with Holy Spirit is not true fulfillment of Pentecost...

When Revelation 19 prophecy of the loud voice in heaven proclaiming, "Behold, the marriage supper of the Lamb! And the Bride had made herself ready! fulfilled, that will be Passover and Pentecost fulfilled... plus so much more!

Occupying the Staying Place that Jesus went to prepare, honors His Fathers Heart and PREPARES US to become who we are!

Jesus gave it all, in order to prepare a place!

We are called to give it all to occupy that place!

Don't let anything keep you from the place Jesus has prepared for you!

  1. Get a spirit (birthed through Jesus when you receive forgiveness of sin from Him)

  2. Find your spirit (the place prepared)

  3. Be there as often as you can, until you are able

  4. TO STAY THERE...ABIDE the vine...

Don Christopher

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