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Come On Over To My Place!

Come In And Be Healed! Come In And Be Healed!

Metanoia! Repent!

You cannot access your seat in heaven through thoughts of normal value... You enter through spirit/Spirit and combine spiritual thoughts with spiritual words --

...spirit thoughts are higher than flesh thoughts! It's no longer a distinction between My thoughts and yours because you now have access to spirit/Spirit!

My thoughts can become your thoughts, if you come to My Place!

Come on over to My Place!

(...where do want to meet God, my place or Yours?)

Our Place, He replies...

The place where you and I are One!

We used to be separate...

Separate no more!

Let's meet at Our Place!

Your sin is paid for!

Now come! Know Me!

We no longer have to live apart!

(...but I thought we were waiting for heaven, after my body and spirit are separated...)

No need to wait, (says He)...


A Place called spirit...

Your spirit joined in one with My Spirit!

Your spirit/My Spirit...


The one joined TO Me, becomes one spirit/Spirit WITH Me!

You were saved; spirit birthed and joined to Spirit!

You are being saved: soul and body invited "in under the influence" of our spirit/Spirit union.

You will be saved; when your body of flesh becomes a body of spirit...

In that day, every part of you will become spirit, not merely under the influence of spirit/Spirit!

For now, I want you to pack ALL YOUR BELONGINGS and move them into OUR PLACE!

Your new place to live is spirit/Spirit...

...your spirit/My Spirit...

...your spirit joined in one with My Spirit!

Move both soul and body in under one roof!

Spirit, soul and body!

Spirit made one with Me...

Soul, under the influence of spirit/Spirit...

Being made one with Me...

Under our influence...

Body, Under The Influence of spirit/Spirit until the day I transform your lowly body into a glorious body!

In the meantime...

Bring it in Under The Influence of "your spirit/My Spirit" union.

Come in and be healed!

Thank You Lord, for the invitation and the magnetism drawing us in to

Our Abiding Place!

Love, love, love to the Body Of Christ

In Jesus Name! the vine...

Don Christopher

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