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Love Is Not Diminished By Rejection

Jesus has been talking to me all morning. My journal is like a miniature book this

morning. I am going to share a bit, remembering that hunger is what moves us, drives us, for food. Being absolutely parched makes us scour the earth for water!

So, I'm not going to share a lot this morning...

Just enough to make You ravenous for Living Bread. Metering the smallest bit of Living Water so you'll be magnetized toward the source.

Names have been withheld because you don't need my story. You have a story of your own.

I think I will copy a bunch of this straight from my journal, which means you need to shift from hearing my voice through these words to testing if this truly is Jesus voice through these words...Give it a whirl!

This person is worth loving! Even if they never come!

You were worth my death, even if you never made it to Me!

I LOVE RESCUE! It is why I died!

But the people are worth it!

Even if they don't come!

LOVE IS WORTH ITSELF! Even when it is unfulfilled...

It is best when received! It transforms! That is beautiful! ...when love goes full term and produces a child!

Love is still beautiful when it is offered and not received-

The offer is even more love-ly, more of the substance of love, that, when it does not reach its destination, it REMAINS ON DISPLAY as love...

Love does not stop being love when it is rejected.

Manipulation quits as soon as it sees, it "didn't work."

But love never stops being love ... I cannot fail because I Am Love and love never stops being love.

I Am Jesus! and I never stop being Jesus! Jesus Is Love! That's who I Am! I Am Jesus! I Am Love! Love is patient, love is kind. Love does not take inventory of that which has no value! AND LOVE DOESN'T STOP BEING LOVE when rejected!

Love, by its own nature, gives itself away...

When most people think of love, they are imagining and talking about what it feels like TO BE LOVED.

Everybody needs it!

Everybody craves it!

Because nobody has it, apart from Me, everyone walks around starving! ...parched and dying...

The desire to get be NOT LOVE. It is craving and craving is the basis for addiction.

I Am Love-

I give Myself away, - constantly...

I never stop giving Myself away and I Am never depleted.


Love does not get tired -

...doesn't become weary...

...doesn't get depleted.


Love cannot get discouraged, because love is not giving, to get...

The very nature of love is to give.

People often do not receive what they cannot take! (for themselves)

Likewise, some will not take what they cannot earn. (deserve by their own action).

You deserve love.

Because you are designed for love.

You DO NOT deserve love because your actions purchase that love for you.

You deserve love because you are designed for love.

You deserve it because My actions purchased it for you... the vine..."

Don Christopher

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Tiffany Williams
Tiffany Williams
Apr 23, 2022

Thank you for sharing this. These words have helped me understand a theme that I've been grappling with lately. I remember the Greek language has many words for "love." Many types of love. So what is love? I believe what Jesus is showing here, by His example, is the highest form of love-- the truest essence of love. This is God's love for us. This is what His love represents.

Replying to

That revelation was very much like taking a bath! I so enjoyed that! So glad it was helpful! It’s the only reason it’s here. To be helpful… Love and peace…


Original design, the only design - LOVE. Return to it, become it, embrace it, because that is your destiny in God.

Replying to

Yes! Yes! Yes!

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