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Complete Collection

Below is the complete selection of titles by Don C Vinyard. Check out their collection of work and let them know what you think.

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Jesus In The House Of David

Don's first published work was "Jesus In The House Of David."

While the work was necessary as a means of thinking on paper, it was by no means what it was destined to become. It was desiring to be a New Testament lens through which to see the first 41 Psalms.

While it did not become all that, it does however become a connector. In the same way that the Gospels in the Bible connect the Old Testament to The New, so did Jesus In The House Of David connect the original Psalms to our current work,

Jesus, Our House Of Prayer.

Although it is still available, it has been superseded by the current work

Jesus, Our House Of Prayer. 

It might be useful as a gauge of progress...

Jesus, Our House Of Prayer

The Art Of Abiding

Proceeding from over a years worth of intense growth of 1-on-1 with God, the current volume makes the cut.

It is fully "out in the open" New Covenant!

It is a free flowing word picture of prophetic reality and present tense revelation of our Oneness with Holy Spirit,

our Oneness with God!

"...he who is joined to the Lord becomes one spirit with Him."

1st letter to Corinth, chapter 6, verse 17...

Work: Work
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