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The Lords' Vinyard
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Don C Vinyard, Author

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Story of The Lords' Vinyard

Who Is Don C Vinyard?

The Lord's Vinyard is a reference to the intimate heart of God through Jesus. Don C Vinyard is the Lord's Vinyard. Each and every one born of spirit is Jesus' own.
Jesus is the Way to relationship with Father God. He is the Giver of a relationship with Holy Spirit through a birth of spirit.
The story of the Lord's Vinyard started the day that Don was born into spirit, the day after Thanksgiving 1980.
Your story with Jesus began the moment you received from Jesus, forgiveness from sin. The moment you received, He birthed you into spirit/Spirit oneness with Holy Spirit!
The real heart of the matter is that ALL who have received forgiveness of wrong, through Jesus, IS THE LORD'S VINYARD!
We Are The Lord's Vinyard, the planting of the Lord in the earth, and the expression of His nature.
This is a call to Become Who We Are as a people!

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Jesus, Our House Of Prayer
The Art Of Abiding

Coming in May, 2022

Check out the latest work by Don Christopher Vinyard.
The Art Of Abiding is a well documented reality but a road rarely taken. Our oneness with Jesus through Holy Spirit is not just sound doctrine, it is an invitation into what the modern church gave up imagining or believing even possible!
66 times the Apostle whom Jesus loved, John, the beloved, used the word Greek word "meno" to describe our relationship with Jesus. To abide is to stay, to remain, to come in and never leave, to be enduringly present.
At best abiding is typically taught as a high and vague ideal. It is rather an ACTUAL PLACE within you who have been born into spirit! The PLACE of abiding is your spirit which has been made ONE with Holy Spirit!
It is not designed for the occasional visit!
It is not intended as a road that is crossed on occasion, by accident.
It is Our House Of Prayer to which we are called to come in and be ever present in! Every moment of every day can be lived here in the very Presence of Holy, woven into the very fabric of Holy Spirit!

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A Woman Writing by the Window

"Despite all its’ splendour,
Creation yet awaits the freedom
it will experience when we,
as a people walk together
in the freedom of Abiding in
our Abiding Place!

Don C Vinyard

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