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I have recently found a place within me that Jesus calls our ABIDING PLACE.

Like many, I have been there off and on through the years. Those not born of spirit have no access to this Place. The most recognizable times, for those who do have access, are times when you and I have felt our oneness with Jesus, our one spirit union with Holy Spirit...been in Papas' lap as He speaks tender and fatherly things to us. Maybe in our "devotional " moments, perhaps in times of assembled worship, but we've all had them, off and on...

The Apostle John, known for his love and devotion, uses the word "meno" or "abide" 66 times in his writings. If the humanness of the "human born of spirit" is going to find ongoing redemption and life it is in the Place Of Abiding. Abiding doesn't happen automatically and it doesn't happen in our flesh. It only happens in our spirit/Spirit Oneness Place (Abiding Place). 1Cor.6:17 states that "...he who joins himself to the Lord is one spirit with Him." That is not ethereally everywhere. It is in a Place of spirit/Spirit within us. Seek it out. Ask, seek, knock... Find the Place... start visiting every chance you get...make it your goal to move in and never leave...

THE DAY OF "ON" FELLOWSHIP WITH GOD... no more off and on....

Today is a good day! It is "the day that the Lord has made." It is the perfect day to be saved from whatever we need to be saved from and to be saved into whatever we need to be saved into. As I am writing, if my automatic "save the document" function stops working, then I need to revert to "saving" my document, manually.

In the same way, as soon as we find our oneness with God, our Abiding Place, even our spirit, we need to manually "save the location" so we can find it again and again! Too often we treat it as a special gift that is triggered by "God Magic." We must reject that thought immediately and begin to treat our encounters with God, not merely as a chance meeting but recognize THE PLACE of encounter as being spirit/Spirit Place, Abiding Place. Of course, The Place is of no value without The Person of God, but in this case, The Place is The Person. The place is the location of the interweaving of our spirit/Spirit! Our oneness.


Recently I had a prophetic experience with the Lord in which I was in our Abiding Place and the sign over the door of the Abiding Place was a loud voice!

Loud but not blaring, penetrating but not was the pure sound of INVITATION!

The Voice never stops saying, inviting, "COME IN AND BE HEALED."

There is a scripture that talks about "the restoration of all things." The sensation that I had in this experience was that all of Creation was being invited into this Place of our Oneness with Holy Spirit, to "COME IN AND BE HEALED!" Everything invited in to come in and be healed, including our own soul AND BODY!

Our spirit in union with Spirit(Holy) which I have taken to writing as "spirit/Spirit" and reading as a single word "spirit," is the command center for our lives!

This is just another way of looking at "walking in the Light." And if we walk in the light as He is in the light, we have fellowship (koinonia) with one another and the blood of Jesus cleanses us from sin."

And the result of that is the John 17 declaration that, the world will know who Jesus is.

We must (the must of hunger, not of Law) make

1. Finding the Abiding Place

2. Frequenting the Abiding Place and

3. Moving into and abiding in The Abiding Place

our prime directive, our only quest...

It will align us God, and

2. to one another, and

3. to the world in proper alignment as a beautiful witness to a

Beautiful God! the vine...

Don Christopher

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