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Parental instinct is the image of God on the human race...

Nothing is more endearing in the world than to see mothers bonding with children, fathers bonding with family. Nursing babies, hide and seek... embracing, snuggling...

God loves bonding!

One of my current favorite scriptures is Jesus saying, "I go to prepare a place for you. In my Father's House are many staying places. I want to be with you where you are...I want you to be with Me where I I've prepared a place for Holy Spirit to stay with you from within you! I've prepared a place for you to stay with Holy Spirit from within you.

I further hear Him saying, I want to bond with you. I want to destroy all false bonds and destructive bonds...I Am jealous over who and what you bond with! I was made for you! You were made for Me!

Parents, can you feel it?

You don't want your kids bonding with dangerous or harmful elements....

God wants to bond with us.

That is why He prepared a bonding place.

Himself, in us...

There is evidence of separation from God all around us.

We don't really need to make a case for it.

We see it. We feel it.

Jesus entered the human experience for several reasons.

Primary among them was to pay for sin so we could have our spirit back.

People are born without a spirit with which to bond with God.

Jesus said you must be born again to see the kingdom of God and indeed, to bond with God Himself.

Receiving forgiveness for sin births us into spirit and sets us up to BE ABLE TO bond with our Father who is Spirit.

This is the great good news of Jesus! God is Your Father and wants to bond with you! Receive forgiveness and cleansing of sin and enter into the JOY OF THE FATHER!

  1. Get a spirit

  2. Find the Place of spirit/Spirit within you

  3. Visit this place as often as you can, until

  4. You discover how to stay, all the time...never leave...

This is the Bonding Place!

Jesus gave everything for you to have it...

Give everything in order to occupy it...

It is not just a place...

It is the Abiding Place...

The Bonding Place...

Enter in, to the Father's Joy! the vine...

Don Christopher

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