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Conversion Of The Soul Requires A Spirit

The conversion is the thing!

I recently bought a new pedal bike.

In the fall, I wanted to increase the air pressure in the tires. I found that my tire pump didn't fit the valve! forward to the following Spring...

I went to the bike shop to get the right pump. Come to find out, I didn't need a different pump, I needed a converter! The valve stems for the tires were European and needed a conversion fitting to work with American pump valves. The dealer had forgotten to give me a stem converter...

The Church has forgotten the stem converter...

High ideas of Spirit cannot be implemented through flesh. The Bible contains many high ideas of Spirit. If we try to pump these to our soul and body without the right converter, the supply doesn't connect and transfer the "air" of the pump... into the tire of our soul.

If, on the other hand, we get a coupler, a converter, between the pump of Spirit and the soul tire of flesh, then the air of Spirit starts moving through our soul.

The converter cannot be carefully placed on the ground near the tire. It cannot be duct taped to the tire, it must be INTRINSICALLY LINKED to both pump and stem.

Our spirit is the connector, the converter, between Gods Spirit and our soul.

The Place of union between my spirit and Gods Spirit is the key (the connector) to all of life.

"Get thee to the Place!"

The Place Of Oneness is not merely a place, it's a Person!

The Person of oneness is not merely "everywhere, somewhere, nowhere in particular..."

But, He has prepared a place to meet you!

"Make haste! Make haste!

And, get thee to The Place!"


I go (in order) to prepare a Place...

A Place to stay!

Holy Spirit has come to stay...please come and stay with Him!

He is in you... You are the Place...

Find the Place of Spirit in you and join Him there!

Bring your soul in under spirit/Spirit roof.

Bring Your body in under it's influence.

Move your whole life in, and find My whole life, in you!

Yes Lord! We say yes Lord! We move our yes in with You! the vine...

Don Christopher

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He who joins himself to the Lord is one spirit with Him

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