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Updated: Apr 1, 2022

Come! Let me show you something that helps take the fear out of fear!

This is so cool! So helpful!

This is one of the most basic, yet unusual revelations I have ever received from the Lord.

So, let's jump right in...

The paradigm, the lens through which we see fear, is the paradigm of emotion. Let's, just for a moment, turn that concept on its head. I'll need for you to switch out of flesh and into spirit mode. Holy Spirit is within you. Find Him there...

Now continue reading while remaining in Spirit. This does not make you mindless, this gives you the "mind of Christ" which we always have access to, but rarely access. From our "mind of Christ" Place, we continue down this path...

Let's add another ingredient: "my will."

What Papa showed me and then walked me through, is that "fear is the emotion produced when my "will" is made to come under the "will" of a greater. When a storm threatens to tear up the region I am in... ...when an assailant imposes their will upon me... ...when an animal attacks... ...when the "will" of whatever may hide in the dark threatens my sanity (fear of the unknown)... ...when the will of a worldwide epidemic is set in motion... ...when the will of racial and societal groups impose themselves to create unrest... makes me wonder how far this will go..? ...when the will of an unjust government can't be trusted to have my best interests in mind...

All of these are things out of my control and they represent a "will" that is being imposed upon me and it creates the emotion that we call FEAR.

So, we think we have a definition of fear, which is scared, frightened, terrified, horrified... We also have the well known paralysis of fear. So scared we are frozen and unable to function, whether emotionally or physically or psychologically...

Now, let's jump to that theologically impossible topic. "The Fear Of The Lord."

Under our new paradigm of fear, the fear of God takes on a whole new flavor.

Now we are considering being under the will of God by our own volition, our own agreement AND the nature of the Will of God being entirely different from every other "will" that we know. That is two things that completely alters every other experience we have of being under the will of another. First, I invite this greater will in, over me. It is not imposed upon me. Second, The nature of God's will is friendly, it is for my benefit, for me not against me, perfect Love itself!

This changes everything!

Well, almost everything...

It does not change the fact that trusting the will of another is very uncomfortable for our flesh to endure. So, even with the friendly, benign, loving Fear Of Yahweh, the fear factor is real, it's just not scared! It is awkward to not be in control of my own well being! The fear of Jesus is not being afraid of Jesus, it is rather, the completely UN-nerving emotion of not being dependent upon myself or those who I can manipulate, control, or put in place to keep me safe and well cared for. It is reliance upon Holy Spirit. It is perfect trust toward Papa in providing identity and everything I need for life and godliness...

It is total vulnerability...

This is why it is true that if we perfect the Fear Of God in our lives, we trust Him to be greater than any other "will" that would seek to impose itself upon us.

We fear You God, and will never have to fear anything else, ever again!




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Tiffany Williams
Tiffany Williams
Apr 23, 2022

This brings a great perspective on fear and the free will God has given us to choose. I've heard this fear of the Lord described as type of "awe" for recognizing his great power and might. With this "fear" we choose to put our trust in Him, not in ourselves and not in mankind. A child's trust and deep respect for an honorable Father that is Love.

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And when we begin viewing our ”will” as a place or “seat of will” rather than just individual decisions , this starts making a lot more sense…



Isn't it interesting that it is, in the end, all will, and what we do with OUR will under His? Anchors aweigh, my friend....

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Yes! Both interesting and useful! Anchors aweigh, indeed!


Excellent teaching 💕

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Thank you!

How did it stir you?

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