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Jesus Is A Love Magnet

"And I, when I am lifted up from the earth, will draw all people to myself."

(John 12:32)

John's commentary followed and he said that Jesus said this to signify his death on a Cross that held his body up above the earth as a display for all to see.

It is time RIGHT NOW in each of our RIGHT HERE places on the planet to lift Jesus off of the "earth" by abandoning our abiding place in the flesh, Under The Influence of spirits, and Under The Influence of the world system. To FIND and OCCUPY our PLACE that has been prepared. Our Place where oneness with Holy Spirit and our spirit has been established in FIXED POSITION!

If the people of Jesus remain "in the flesh" and under the principles of flesh and the natural realm, then Jesus is not lifted up from the earth (our flesh) and He is unable to draw all people to Himself. He is perfectly able to do this, IF He had not bound Himself in Covenant to NOT DO IT apart from us!

Here is what Jesus was speaking to me this morning, from Spirit to spirit to pen on paper...

If I be lifted up, I will draw all people to Me -

If your life STAYS in me, I will draw all people to Me

If your life stays hidden in Me, I will draw all people to Me

If you walk in the light as I am in the light,

You will have fellowship in the Light

And I will draw all people TO ME

Good and Pleasant to be in the Light together

It magnetizes everyone who sees it!

And then I began interceding for everyone born of spirit/Spirit in my region to

FIND THE PLACE of Oneness with Holy Spirit!

Come IN to it!

Learn to STAY in it!

It was specifically a prayer for everyone "born of spirit/Spirit."

In many cases it was specific faces and names and mini regions within our region!

One final segment...

I am going to isolate one portion of a larger teaching for our purpose of being able to effectively "lift Jesus up from the earth" in this day, in each of our regions on the earth.

When Jesus started detailing Holy Spirit's ministry in the world, he mentioned that Holy Spirit would "convict the world concerning...righteousness...because I go to the Father and you will see Me no longer..."

1Cor6:17 makes the declaration that, "...he who joins himself to the Lord, is one spirit with Him."

We who are joined to God in spirit/Spirit and blood of Jesus are one with Him!

Holy Spirit convicts the world of righteousness (because Jesus is no longer on the earth in a Jewish body) FROM HIS ABIDING PLACE OF ONENESS WITH OUR SPIRIT!!!!

Our life from THE ABIDING PLACE of spirit union with Holy Spirit PUTS US ON DISPLAY to the world as an expression of righteousness, so profound, that the world is convicted that they are not righteous AND are magnetically drawn to Jesus to become righteous!


If this stirs you, please comment and let's join as one, taking our regions for Christ in Organic spirit/Spirit reality. "...looking for and hastening the coming of the day of God..." Peters' second letter chapter 3 verse 12... the vine...

Don Christopher

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